DIY: Spice Up Your Uggs

DIY: Spice Up Your Uggs

By: Kaisa Lee Wayrynen

    Uggs and Uggs-style boots are arguably the most cozy sweater weather boots on the planet, but sometimes they get a bit of a bad rep. Some people see our comfy feet (possibly paired with our equally comfy leggings) and all they think is the B-word… basic. There, I said it! Obviously, these haters have never tried on a pair of fleece-lined sheepskin boots, so I tend to roll my eyes at them and continue living the Ugg life. Say what you want, we’ll be over here wearing fuzzy clouds on our feet!

      It’s hard to deny that this style of boot is pretty consistent throughout its wearers, however. They’re typically the same brownish tan color and same height with few variations. I found myself craving a dash of individuality in my beloved EMU Australia boots. Nothing too crazy, nothing too dramatic that would take away from their iconic, familiar look; just a touch of my personality. A customizable fringe at the top seemed to be a perfect, stylish, and still somewhat subtle solution.

This DIY will help you infuse some of your personal style into your Uggs, too! It’s affordable (my DIY came out to less than $15, all available at any craft store), and easy to change up if you want to try a different look.

1. Fleece-lined sheepskin Ugg-esque boots!                                                       2. The fringe of your choice.                 3. Fabric glue
4. Velcro (optional, if you want to change your fringe style later)

Step 1: Pick your fringe

This was frankly the hardest step. Curse you for having so many gorgeous options, Joann Fabrics! I went with a red, beaded Bohemian-style fringe. If you also choose beads, shake them a bit in the store so you have an idea of how much noise they make.

I wore my boots to the store to measure how much fringe I’d need by just stretching it around the top.There are two possible ways to go about this DIY: one with velcro so you can switch your fringe up, and one where you glue the fringe directly onto the boot. If you want to do the velcro method, make sure to pick up enough velcro for all the different embellishments you choose.

Step 2: Measure

Make sure your fringe and velcro strips are the same length, and that you have enough to go around the opening of your boot. It’s always good to double check that everything lines up before you start gluing!

Step 3: Glue

I decided to glue velcro onto the top of my boots and back of my fringe so if I ever wanted to try a new look, I could easily do so (if you don’t want to do the velcro method, well, this is pretty much a one-step DIY for you and you’re done! Just glue the fringe to the top of your boots).

        First, glue the soft velcro strip to the top of your boots and let it dry. It should go all the way around the boot opening. Mine is slightly lower than the very top because I didn’t want to glue it onto the seam, but you could do that if you want. Second, glue the scratchy velcro to your fringe and let it dry completely. Make sure it’s the correct side of your fringe, the side that’ll sit on the boot. You can even set it under a textbook to ensure they’re really stuck together!

Step 4: Add Your Fringe

     Once all the glue is dry you should have a set of velcro-ed boots, and a set of velcro-ed fringes. Attach them together and voila! You’re done! I like to have the ends of my fringe meet at the back of the boot, so it’s a perfect smooth line across the front. If you measured perfectly then this won’t matter, though, as it’ll be a perfect smooth line all around.

Step 5: Rock It! I was amazed at how well this DIY turned out. Hopefully you will be, too! It’s a stylish, crafty way to customize your classic Uggs.

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