Fashion Tips While Traveling

Fashion Tips While Traveling

     Whether you'€™re on a short-term vacay or long-term backpacking trip, looking cute while feeling comfortable can be tricky for fashionista travelers. But we'€™ve got just the pieces and tips to help you dress while you a€™re off feeding that wanderlust bug (you go girl)!

     Have you ever been at the airport rockin'€™ the €œcomfortable look€ (AKA old college sweatshirt with leggings) and run into the cutest boy? Immediately thinking to yourself after how you wish you looked cuter? We've got the perfect plane outfit that will keep you comfortable yet feeling confident. Try our 100% cotton Elora Sweater paired with ripped boyfriend jeans to do the trick. OR our personal favorite, the Elysian Sweater, created with a sexy twisted back, yet material of a blanket is the sexiest and comfiest article for long plane rides.

    A tip on how to maximize your luggage while traveling would be to pack mostly basics with a few statement pieces, depending on the nature of your trip. If you'€™re bringing a carry on and not checking a suitcase, there might be a greater pressure to downsize clothing to avoid charges on budget airlines. Simply wear your heaviest items on your body (example, thick coats, hiking boots, layers of tops), to create more space in your bag. After you get on the plane, you can strip down these layers and place them into your bag. You'€™ll avoid the checking fee, but might look like a huge eskimo temporarily. Flight attendants can get over it. 

      Ready for a night out on the town and searching for the perfect shoes to pack? The Adele Black Booties will keep you stylish and comfy - with an open toe and chunky heel, these boots are quite supportive. So grab a pair before hitting the historic, cobblestone streets of Paris or Barcelona without killing your feet. Pair with a sundress in the summer or a cozy sweater and skinny jeans in the colder months.

        Looking for something a bit more tropical, for next spring break to Mexico or the Caribbean? Use our Happy Hour Tank as a bikini cover up when hitting the waves. Think perfect graphic tank to match your next Instagram caption, while sipping a margarita with your girl friends. And lets not forget adding the €œResting Beach Face€ Sun Hat with this combo for an ultimate beachy vibe. Vamos a la playa Chicas!

    Dress up simple outfits with accessories and jewelry. But make sure not to wear any of your fancy and valuable stuff while on a trip in a third world country. Showing off that David Yurman bangle your Grandparents got you for graduation might put you at a higher risk to pick-pocketing while navigating through some destinations. And besides, who needs to see the most valuable pieces while you'€™re traveling anyway? Dress responsibly in certain countries to have a low key, blended look if traveling alone or in small groups of women. And ALWAYS remember to respect cultures through your attire in places of worship. For example, if visiting St Peter'€™s Basilica at the Vatican in Rome, you won'€™t be able to enter the church wearing bottoms above the knee or with sleeves higher than your shoulders.

     We want to see where YOU are traveling to next in our outfits! Grab a shot in your favorite Brinisity piece and upload to Instagram with the hashtag #brinisity for a chance to be reposted to our feed.

    With these few concept pieces for your next vacation look, make sure to additionally check out other cute items ON SALE now (new mark downs) before your upcoming adventure!

Bon Voyage, Brinisity

By Alexandra Martinez

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