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        Hi everyone! So for those of you that don't know I have been working on this online shop for months now. However, this has been a dream of mine for quite some time and I am so thankful to be given the opportunity to pursue it. It has been a big learning curve for me since I started as a nurse (which I am still working on the side) and trying to figure out all the details that went into opening my own business. Eventually I would love to open a store front but for now this is keeping me pretty busy.

      I want to thank everyone who has helped me to make this possible and believing in me even when I thought it wasn't going to work. This is what life is really about, finding what you love and never stopping until you achieve that goal. I want my shop to inspire and empower women all over the country & eventually the world.

       I am so excited to say that we are finally OPEN! I can't wait for you to see all of the styles I have chose for my store. There is something for everyone. I am starting small for now but will be purchasing more and more product as time goes on. The candles on my website are handmade so each one may be slightly different, but that is what makes them so great and unique. I hope you like what you see and if something sells out, I will be restocking as soon as possible.


Please Use Code OPEN10 for 10% off your entire purchase today!

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