Packing Tips for your upcoming Trip

Packing Tips for your upcoming Trip

For many of us summertime means travel time. And while you may be dreaming about soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach, hiking a mountain, or just visiting loved ones there are a few important essentials you have to take care of first. Packing effectively can make a big difference in the quality of your vacation.

First things first. Before you get anywhere near your luggage, pull out a piece of paper and a pencil and make a packing list. Consider the destination, modes of travel, climate, and activities you’ll be encountering. Write down everything you think you’ll need so when it comes time to pack you can simply tick those items off your list without worrying you forgot something important. (Then you can go back and take half of it out, once you realize you’re closet is empty and you can’t get the suitcase closed.)

Here are a few things to keep in mind. They may help you pack more efficiently when you travel.

Multi-purpose garments

You don’t necessarily need to plan out full outfits for every single occasion. Pull out one item and match as many things as you can with it to provide multiple outfits. The Dusk til Dawn knit dress can double as a long top during the day with leggings, saving you valuable space. The Sweet Like Honey Kimono can do double-duty as a layer over a tee, but also as your bathing suit cover-up.

Comfortable travel outfits! 

There’s nothing like being in the cramped space of a plane for hours on end while you get to your destination. While the Traveler Romper looks cool and chic to all your companions, you’ll secretly be enjoying it’s comforting soft feel and flow.


Layering is the single best method for dealing with whatever climate changes you’ll encounter. Find and pack items you can wear both separately, and together, for a layered look that will provide multiple options without adding more bulk to your suitcase. The Avery Crop Top is a perfect casual daytime look that can be the bottom layer under the Elora Sweater once the evening chill rolls in.

Non wrinkling items 

Unless you want to spend precious vacation hours using the hotel iron, try to pack items that can be rolled without losing their shape, or wrinkling. The Jordyn Twist Back Top with a hint of spandex material will travel like a pro and take you from daytime to evening activities in style.

Versatile Accessories 

You want to accessorize when you travel, but it’s just not feasible to take multiple sets of jewelry with you. Try to chose one look that will work for all your casual clothes, and one that will bring the drama. The Lolita Choker is a highly versatile piece that can highlight most casual wear for all your daytime looks. Belts are also a great way to add variety without bulking up your baggage. The Bustier Belt is small, easy to pack, and can help you change up your style.

Plastic bag for wet items

A plastic grocery bag is essential to keep wet items separate. You want to soak up every vacation minute you have without the worry of getting out of the pool in time for your bathing suit to dry before its time to leave. Even if you forget to pack one, most hotels have a plastic laundry bag you can take. Keeping your Paradise Island One Piece separate from the rest of the items in your luggage is an easy way to make unpacking joyful instead of a chore. 

Happy trails!

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