The 3 Fashion Musts of A Winter It-Girl

The 3 Fashion Musts of A Winter It-Girl

            It’s no secret that winter is the best season ever. Whether it comes from warm sips of a peppermint latte, or the feeling you get when you find the perfect sweater, there is something about the season that puts some serious pep in our step. Now, it’s time to show off that pep. To turn heads this Holiday Season, there are three major fashion musts that you need to follow. What is it that all It-Girls have in common this season?

1. Texture- Texture, texture, texture. There is nothing more fun, or more seasonally appropriate, than mixing in some new materials. There is more to life than just smooth cotton. Spice things up by adding textured knits, furry accessories, and unique fabrics to your wardrobe. Toss on an irresistibly touchable statement piece, like the Sweet Genesis Poppy Girl Cardigan available here at Brinisity, to quickly transform any look into one of winter royalty.

2. It’s All in The Details- Winter and accessories go together like bread and butter. To truly take your fall outfits to their full potential, detailed accessories are the way to go. Don’t forget the little touches, from off-duty model style sunnies to chic phone case. Our favorite? Chokers are still ruling the runways, and our hearts. Keep on rocking these trendy, tough girl necklaces to show everyone who the real #GirlBoss is.

3. Pick Your Signature- Every icon has her own mark. Blair Waldorf had headbands, Kylie Jenner has lip liner. Find your favorite thing to play with, and allow yourself to do just that… play! If you love a certain color, make a point to wear that color more often. If you love scarves, invest in several cute ones to rotate through your wardrobe. Makeup junkie? Let yourself be that girl who wears a different shade of lipstick to the office each day. Allow yourself to grow and create through fashion, yet have a consistent piece that others will see as undeniably you.

       Ask yourself, “If your outfit had a voice, would you like what it is saying?” Once the answer “yes,” go forth and conquer this beautiful season. Cheers, winter readers!

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