The Bold & The Beautiful

 The Bold & The Beautiful Written by Samantha Lease

The statement blouse is having a moment, and I couldn’t be more on board. For a while it seemed as if fashion was stuck in a rut, and we didn’t know where to turn. Now we are seeing more inspiring pieces and they actually look good on everyone. Fall’s must have is the bold blouse and we are also seeing sweaters take on this innovative trend.


Long gone are the days of tasteless and confusing dressing. Now we are emerging and stepping into a more classically chic territory. Clothing this Fall consists of sophisticated, yet still modern and edgy, pieces. Think elegant with a twist.


Self-Portrait, Rebecca Taylor, Cinq à Sept, and Alexis are just a few brands that are fully embracing and embodying the bold and beautiful trend. With strategic cut-outs, clean lines, and flowy fabrics, it’s no wonder that every woman looks good in these styles. Brinisity does this trend well. I love the Love Encore Top. I would pair this muted blue top with black leggings and Converse for a sweet, yet fashion-forward, casual look.


Get The Love Encore Top Here

As for sweaters, Helmut Lang, Tularosa, Joie, Derek Lam 10 Crosby, and Vince all have styles out right now to die for. Soft, elegant, and interesting are words to best describe this season’s sweater situation. Personally, I think that the Carmen Crisscross Sweater from Brinisity is spot on. It’s tailored, yet it has a flowy effect, and it keeps things interesting with its crisscross detailing at its neck. This sweater, with skinny jeans and ballerina flats, is the ultimate model-off-duty look.

 Get The Carmen Sweater Here

So when looking to make your next purchase definitely think of beautiful bell sleeves, impeccable tailoring, solid colors, and sophisticated prints. Leave the wild and crazy outfits for next year’s Coachella and focus on timeless pieces with an edge. The standard classic shirt is being reimagined and I cannot wait to see more.


XXX: Samantha Lease


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